VSP is a small underground label, located in Romania with the aim to release dark & eerie music, so whatever is weird, haunting, eerie, or has a not-of-this earth feeling
and can also fit my taste can be released here, no matter if its dark ambient, black metal, industrial, funeral doom, drone, noise, neo-folk and so on.

Our releases are intended to be special and very limited releases, but more concentrate on interesting packaging which goes with the mood of the music.


Valse is French for “waltz” – a piece of music and a type of dance, shocking many when it was first introduced, the waltz became fashionable in Vienna around the 1780s, spreading to many other countries in the years to follow.
The waltz, and especially its closed position, became the example for the creation of many other ballroom dances.”


Sinistre is Latin for “sinister” originally a Latin term for left or to the left (and by extension, left-handedness), and is used in heraldry to refer to the left of the bearer of the arms, and to the right by the viewer's eyes. It is often used to mean evil.”